It’s what’s on the inside that counts.

At Jungell, we know that energy bars and gourmet chocolate bars have their place. In fact, we enjoy them ourselves. But sometimes, what you really want is a candy bar. A good old-fashioned candy bar, with chocolate and chew and crunch and all those things that make candy bars so great. But you DON’T have to have a candy bar loaded with corn syrup and made from GMO ingredients, grown with petroleum fertilizers and harsh pesticides. You don’t have to buy chocolate that may have been farmed by child- and slave labor. You CAN have a candy bar that tastes good and that you can feel good about eating. You can have an Angell bar.

Delicious Angell Crisp Bar

Angell Crisp

Angell Crisp, a classic combination of smooth, creamy milk chocolate and crispy rice. Every bit a candy bar, but gluten-free, and made from the same organic and Fair Trade Certified® ingredients as the rest. An instant favorite.

Delicious Snow Angell Bar

Snow Angell Bar

Snow Angell, our sleeper hit. Everyone who tries it loves it. Even chocolate purists who think white chocolate is not chocolate. A subtler candy bar made from creamy white chocolate wrapped around a delicious, organic coconut center. No nuts whatsoever1. So good it gives you chills!

Delicious Dark Angell Bar

Dark Angell Bar

Dark Angell, sophisticated and perfectly balanced. A refined combination of luxurious organic dark chocolate, wrapped around a smooth cocoa center with organic almonds for crunch. For those who prefer a more complex chocolate, the Dark Angell is the candy bar for you. Grab it. Eat it. Love it.

Delicious Classic Angell Bar

Classic Angell Bar

Coming soon...

All our chocolates are made from cocoa butter. No cheap substitutes.